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Did Bligh Lie?

I read this article the other day on the ABC News Site: An Acceptable Level of Dishonesty


The article made many good points, but at the end of the day, a lie is a lie, and dishonesty is still dishonesty, regardless of how much whitewash you try to paint over the top of it.   

Premier Anna Bligh

We here in Queensland are currently being governed by a Labor Govt, captained by Oz’s first female Premier, Anna Bligh.  Anna picked up the job after Peter Beattie flew the coop, and after a couple of years in office, the ‘Worker’s Party’ is so on the nose that many of my workmates have gone beyond asking ‘Who do we vote for at the next election?’ to asking, ‘Maybe it’s time we dump the State Govt. system altogether?’    


The thing that is sticking in many Qld. voters’ throats is that not once during the last state election campaign did we hear anything from Labor about the sale of Qld Rail Coal division.  So imagine our surprise (or shock) when Anna made that announcement after getting elected. 

Now, technically she didn’t lie (a sin of commission), she just didn’t tell us everything (a sin of ommission).  Either way, she still knowingly let us believe a lie, and that is plain wrong.  Keeping people ignorant of your real motives is still lying.  Just ask Tigers’ wife.   

A Labor insider explained very carefully to me that if we (the citizens of this State) want world class hospitals, schools at the cutting edge, and better policing, then we are going to have to make a few sacrifices.  When I asked why this was not raised before the election so we, the voters, could make an informed choice on the matter of funding these vital services, he merely shrugged.  My exact words after that were, “Mate, every election we hear the same promises regarding, Health, Education, and Policing, and every year we see those services cut back, or cut off.”  Again, another shrug, and a little smile.    

And let us not forget some of the 'porkies' told during the water debacle...

Which left me wondering, “What else aren’t you telling us?”  And if you’re thinking that about someone, then it is going to be pretty hard to trust them again.  Just ask Tigers’ wife, again…

Anna’s (and Tigers’) legacy is the loss of trust, and this is possibly the reason why my workmates are wanting to ditch the State Govt. system.  If Govt., at all levels, is going to lie to us, then limit the amount of Govt. governing us.  And it seems that Govt. at State level is the most expendable.    And, I’ve got to admit, I’ve been swinging round to their point of view as well.  I wonder how many Australians would agree with us on this point?     

To add fuel to the fire, yesterday the Qld. opposition announced they’ll be keeping their policies quiet until the election is announced.  They’ve obviously learned how the ‘land lies’ in Queensland’s political landscape, but then they’ve had a lot of practice…

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