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Pink Floyd Cover Band – Beyond the Darkside

My mate Steve asked me to join him on Wednesday night to see the Pink Floyd cover band, ‘Beyond the Darkside’ at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre.  The show was part of their “Echoes Through The Decades” tour, and for someone who only knows approximately 3 PF songs, it was still quite an enjoyable evening.

From the opening number, “Don’t know what it was called, but it had a guitar riff which had the hall clapping and cheering in appreciation”, to the final number, “Don’t Know what it was called either, but it sounded great”, the night was a visual and audio feast of music, and Floyd history.

The band is note perfect, as you would be after playing “Wish You Were Here” for the eight thousandth time (this week).  But there were no signs of boredom, or ‘another day on the job’ that I’ve noticed creeping into some bands I’ve watched over the years.  I suppose it could get a bit galling to play the same set over and over again.

It was a feast of Floyd for the Fans.  A lot of the songs I’d never heard, but from the reaction of the diehard Floyd Fans about me, then a lot of people weren’t totally unhappy with this situation.  Even though on many occasions I didn’t have a clue what song I was listening to, I was still able to be totally engrossed by the amazing light show, the circular projection screen which showed Floyd footage from time to time, and the enormous inflated pig.  Seriously, it was one Big Pig. 

If you get a chance to see them, do so, even if you’re Floyd song knowledge is limited to a few well known radio classics, because the show alone, will make you glad ‘you were there’  🙂 

For a preview, catch them here:    http://www.beyondthedarkside.com/index.htm

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