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KLE 500, The Weather, and a bit of a Laugh!

The cool weather has arrived!  Autumn!  Gladstone is actually getting an autumn this year!!

I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty stoked.  For years I’ve been trying to convince my kids that Easter used to herald the coming Winter.  I’ve got photos (somewhere) of us rugged up in jumpers, jeans, and even beanies during the Harbour Festivals of my youth.  But for the last 10 or so years, it’s been far too hot to wear anything but shorts, shirt, and thongs (and on rare occasions, a raincoat).  

The cooler weather has had me thinking about getting the old KLE 500 out for a bit of a spin.  Summer was so hot, humid and wet, that the mere thought of putting on a helmet, leather jacket, jeans and boots made me feel faint.  Riding in extreme heat is not fun.  You dehydrate quickly which causes headaches, impaired judgement, and lazy reflexes.  Just what you need on a motorcycle when you’re riding on roads surrounded by idiot kangaroos. 

So, I wandered out to the shed this morning, fired up the old girl, and did some checks.  Not good.  Front brake seals are leaking.  Rear end sagging, front fork seals looking a little dodgy.  ‘Ho, ho, ho!’  I thought, ‘You’re not going anywhere on this machine mister.’ 

So, I got some prices for the necessary bits, and enquired at a couple of places about getting the mechanics to do the work, so I can hit the road asap.  $90 an hour is the going rate.  

I just had another bout of palpitations just thinking about it. 

The weather is so good, that I’m thinking about stealing a bike to go for a ride! 

I can do some of the work myself, no worries, which is what I’ll do, and let them gouge me for the more ‘technical’ stuff down at the shop.  Well, it’s better than leaving her abandoned in the shed…

Anyway, if you need a bit of a laugh (which I did after coming home from the bike shops), then click on the link below, and follow the link from the site to play the video.  It is genuinely laugh out loud funny!  Enjoy 🙂


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