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Chad Morgan – There’s a few tricks left in the Old Dog yet!

On Saturday night at the Young Australian Hotel, Chad Morgan did what he did best; sang songs, told jokes, and had a very good time indeed.  Not bad for a man who is still recovering from a hip operation.  

Wearing his trademark floppy green  hat, with the brim held back with a safety pin, he’s still warbling his way through old favourites, notably ‘The Sheik of Scrubby Creek’, and ‘The Thrashing Machine’, with a sprinkling of new songs thrown into the mix, all featuring Chads’ trademark humorous twist; ‘Since I give up drinkin’ the nightshifts stopped at the brewery…’

Born Chadwick William Morgan in 1933 at Wondai, Qld., Chads’ prominent teeth made him a target for bullies far and wide.  On a trip to the dentist to have his teeth pulled out, the truck broke down, and he never made it to the appointment. 

A motorcycle accident as a young man ended his career as a cane cutter, and he spent fourteen months in hospital, during which time he wrote songs, and formulated a plan which saw him on the club scene in Sydney where he soon gained a faithful and devoted following. 

Over the years he has played and entertained everywhere from the Sydney Opera house, numerous and nameless outback halls, off the backs of trucks, in travelling tent shows, circuses, and once from the back of a camel. 

In 2008 a radio station mistakenly announced Chads’ death, which devastated his sister.  Chad cheekily reassured her that he was still very much alive, by phone, “This is the ghost of Chad Morgan!” he announced.  Her response was, “I always knew you’d return to haunt me.” 

Chad, arguably Australias’ greatest country balladeer, is still very much alive and kicking if Saturday nights’ show was any indication.  He recently quipped in an interview that he still felt like a twenty year old, in fact, he felt like a couple of twenty year olds!

At an age where many seniors have retired to their arm chairs, or retirement homes, Chad is still touring and recording, and has no plans on slowing down just yet.  His latest album is Live at the Longyard.

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