Attitude Adjustment

In between lots of reading, writing, doing, working, and being (and, to my shame, I’ll admit  a good chunk of time chewed up propped in front of the tele…), I’ve been re-reading Life is like a River.  I’ve been struck by the fact that as the river (life) flows on, there will be rapids, rocks, and snags, and that we can’t alter the fact that these obstacles will often appear in our paths, as they are a natural part of riding the river. 

Sometimes we need help navigating our way around or through some of these hazards, and as we gain experience in dealing with them, then we are able to help others… when and if they ask for it.  Our children may not ask us for help, but they are watching what we do, and our daily actions set an example for them to follow. 

Do you complain about the river, finding fault everywhere you look?  So will your children. 

Do you rage at the fact that your boat isn’t as good as some of the others around you, ignoring the fact that many are in canoes, or stuck on the beach?  Or are you grateful for the boat you are in, and offer a helping hand to those less fortunate where and when you can, sharing your time and resources freely?  So will your children. 

Ok, we’re not going to be perfect.  There are times when we will be tired, frustrated and irritable, it’s all part of the human experience.  I think the key is how quickly we can adjust our attitudes back to the positive side of the scale.  Focussing on the things we can change.  Shouting at the rocks that hinder our path won’t do a thing, we can either crash into them, or navigate round them.  The rocks don’t care either way, they aren’t going to move either way 🙂 

Anyway, one of the daily messages I get from Brian Kim really struck a chord this week, so I’ll leave you with this thought:       

We all experience the same “winds” of life.
Winds of opportunity.
Winds of disaster.
Winds of hope.
Winds of inspiration.
Winds of bad days.
But we must never forget it’s not the winds that determine our destination.

It’s the setting of the sail.   

Not bad eh?

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