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Music Madness

When it comes to music I can pretty much sum up my tastes by quoting the character Tim, from a skit on the TV show, “Australia You’re Standing In It” : 

Debbie:  Tim, I hear you’re in a band?

Tim:  That’s right Deb, it’s hard rock, swing fifties, punk, country, electronica, classical, heavy metal, jazz, prog rock, folk outfit.

Or, words to that effect 🙂 

But it tidily sums up my own musical tastes… which is a bit of a worry.  I love Heavy Metal, but quite enjoy Country, Folk, Classical, Swing Big Bands, Acoustic, Live, Jazz, Blues, etc.  The only types of music I’ve never been real big on is most Pop, nearly all of Hip Hop, Polka, and that Mexican ‘Ayayayayeeraba’ style of singing.

Daft Punk in action

Apart from that, everything else is pretty much ok with me.  So it is with some delight that I notice that ABC tele is featuring a Daft Punk show tonight.  I don’t own any of their albums, know only a couple of their songs, and haven’t got a clue where they’re from or what they look like.  But what I do know is that the first time I saw them on Rage years ago I thought, ‘Cool!’  and have kept an eye (ear?!) out ever since.  For those of you who have never seen or heard of them, check out the attached snap. 

Maybe I like them because I’ve got that whole leather, motorbike, Mad Max thing happening somewhere in my subconscious.  Maybe I should get some help…  
Anyway, what I do know is, that if they come to Oz then it better be in Winter.  Those helmets are going to fog up fast in the heat otherwise.    

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