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1/2 Marathon Training Update

It’s all ‘Headology’

The other day I was sitting at home after walking the dogs to the shops and back (our usual morning routine), and I started beating myself up about not going for a run that day.  Again. 

The Gold Coast marathon is approaching rapidly, and I’m still not training hard enough. 

Why?  What’s stopping me? 

Excuses R Us

Instead of finding ways to ‘DO’ it’s kind of easier to justify why you can’t. 

Sitting alongside my computer desk is the walking machine my wife has hired for a couple of months.  We’ve all had a chop on it.  It’s a medium size unit, and the few times I’ve tried to run on it has caused it to make some unhealthy noises.  So, I walk instead.  3 to 5 klms, at 6 kph.  And while it’s better than doing nothing, it’s still not helping me achieve my goal. 

Sure, it’s keeping me fit-ish, but not in a competitive running way. 

So, why not run.  Well, there’s the weather.  It’s hot.  The rain has kept most of us indoors.  Then, when the rain stops, the mossies, flies and other bities swarm all over us as soon as we open a door.  It’s really miserable outdoors at the moment. 

The gym.  Yep, I’ve hit it a few times, and run on the big machines down there, but lately, I’ve been focussing on the gym as a place where I do my upper body workouts.  Something I’m actually enjoying this time round, so I’m very reluctant to mess with those routines while I’m having so much fun doing them! 

I’ve been cycling pretty much everywhere on my days off, walking to work, walking the dogs, and generally keeping fairly active, but the running goal is making me feel pretty guilty.  Sure, it seemed like a good idea last year, when the weather was cool, the sun shining, and all the bitie creatures snug in their homes, but lately, I’ve started thinking, “Mate, you’re not going to make that 21 k’s.  Forget it, it’s too hard anyway.  Pick another goal.” 

This morning that voice was pretty strong, but I didn’t want to listen to it.  I really want to do this run, but how?  How can I get some running time in?  

Sporticus to the Rescue

While I was having an internal mental debate in my head between the Good voice and the Bad voice, the tv was blaring away in the background.  Distracted, I turned in my chair and saw this chap:

‘Sporticus’, the alter ego of Magnus Scheving, creator of the Lazytown tv show. 

“Man, he’s one fit lad!” I thought to myself as I watched him hop, jump, dash and hurl himself about the screen. 

He picked up a deck of cards and flipped through them, “I wonder which exercise I will do today?” he asked as he selected a card.  “Running!” he exclaimed then began to run rather vigorously on the spot.  Fast running, slow running.  Running with high kicks.  Knees up running.  Intense running.  Running like his life and career depended on it. 

My eyebrows climbed over my head in amazement.  Here was the answer to my problem!  Running on the spot.  Ok, it’s not ideal but it’s a hell of a lot better than ‘sitting on the spot’, or ‘being in a spot’. 

Amazing to think that when I needed an answer to a pressing problem, tv solved it.  Homer was right, “Is there nothing tv can’t do?”   

Now What?

Well, I figure, that all I need to do on days when I can’t go for a run, is to grab a towel, put on my sandshoes, and run on the spot for at least 30 mins.  Can I do that?  Yes I can.  I don’t need to travel anywhere, I can do it indoors away from the bities, I won’t be tripping over the dogs, and best of all, my family can enjoy my presence while I work out… which is a good thing right? 

It may be boring as hell, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.  Even if there is no direction!  I’ll keep you posted…

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