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Life is Like A River Journey

This week I have had a lot to think about;  the ups and downs of the average life, the sudden deaths of some young folk in our town, and various perspectives on some dramas at work.  Then I was struck by the thought of how each life is like a river journey, how you start off as a small trickle (literally!), and eventually after winding down an everwidening stream you enter lakes, and encounter rapids, caves, canyons, logs, etc. until you come to the ocean.  The ultimate end of our journey, where all rivers and our lives are destined to finish.

I was going to write a post on it, then I came across this site: http://doingitthelittleway.blogspot.com/2009/08/is-life-really-like-river.html which explained it much better. 

Then I followed the link to this site: http://www.navigatinglife.org/id96.html which impressed me very much.  The author has placed the book on her site for you to read for free, but for a small donation, she would send the complete PDF file.  I whipped out my trusty debit card and made a donation, and early this morning the Ebook was appeared in my ‘in-box’ and what I’ve read so far has been brilliant.  

I’m so impressed that I’d like to publish my own novels in this manner… and soon hopefully 🙂



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