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Midway point of “How to be Rich and Happy”

This week I was sent an E-Book by the very charming, and always funny, Tim Brownson – How to be Rich and Happy.  You can catch up with Tim here: 


I’d been humming and ha-ing about purchasing this book from Tim for a few months now, and this week I got a copy and started working through it.  I mean I’m actually DOING the exercises as I read, as opposed to my normal, speed read, quick reflection, forget, and move on looking for the next motivational ‘hit’.

Ok, it’s been a lot harder than I first thought to discover my Values.  Pinning them down is driving me nuts… there must be an easier way of identifying them dammit!  But I persisted until I had enough info before moving on with the book.  Then I got to the section titled, “What are your favourite movies?”  which hit me harder than a slap up the side of the head with a wet fish.  Humour was one of my values by the way 🙂 

I nominated six.  These are six movies I sit down to watch at least a couple of times each year without fail.  And in those six movies are the values which call to me.  There is something about the story, the characters, the setting, the vision, challenges, missions, or goals in those shows, that touches me at ‘bone level’.  And that is what I’ve spent the last few days thinking about, and has led me to start looking more closely at my favourite novels, short stories, and poems.  There is a definite pattern forming… a pattern my wife informs me that she has been aware of for some time!  I’m not going to go into detail, but basically it boils down to the lure of adventure with a group of close mates, overcoming serious odds, and returning home better for the experience.

Or, perhaps I’m a selfish sod, who shouldn’t have got married…  😦 

Well, it’s just like an adventure isn’t it?  The hero has to go through a debilitating low before he wins through to the eventual happy ending… apparently. 

Either way, I’ll keep plodding on, and keep you posted.

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