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Marathon Update

No idea who this is, but we have the same running style... slow and painful.

Let’s just say that this Summer has knocked me for six.  The heat was so bad that just walking down to the running track left me exhausted, and after 1/2 an hour of running on the treadmill at the gym I needed floaties to get off the machine. 

But this week, a bout of cooler weather (belting down rain!) has seen me out and about a little more.  Still miles behind schedule though.  Each time I pull on the running shoes the dogs go into a frenzy, because it’s walking time.  I have tried a few times to run with them, but it’s hard to get into a rythym when they want to stop every ten feet and pee on things! 

Anyway, as the big day approaches, I’ve measured out a few road runs which I’ll get into this week.  I’ve worked out that I’m not a treadmill, or oval runner, as I tend to get bored fairly easily.  And I’m quite looking forward to pounding the streets, from light pole to light pole.  With a bit of luck the heat will stay away until I can get my routine sorted.  

The only other thing to sort out is the chafing at the top of my legs.  It’s only a small section of skin, but geez it hurts when it starts to burn.  So I end up running like some sort of perverted crab…  Will slip on the bike pants and a pair of running shorts over the top and see if this helps.  Apart from that, all else is good so far, and I’ve just got to work on increasing the distance I can run.  At the moment, my longest without a break is 7 k’s. 

This Easter, the Road Runners are holding their annual Good Friday Fun Run.  This year I’ll sign on for the 10 k event, with the goal of running the entire length without stopping (not even for a toilet break this time!).

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