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Duyfken vs Ex Cyclone Olga

I’ve just woken up after finishing night shift earlier this morning, and the weather here is abysmal.  Well, it’s good for Gladstone, lots of rain, but the wind is gusting between 20 – 30 knots here in town, so I can imagine how hard it is blowing outside the harbour. 

Right now there is a little ship out there bobbing about in 3 metre seas.  The crew will be drenched, and dry places out of the wind and rain will be at a premium.  I’m sort of glad I had to work now.  

I know it can’t always be plain sailing, and that this is all part of the ‘replica sailing’ adventure, but still, I hope the crew aren’t getting too knocked about. 

At least they don’t have to worry about scurvy…

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