Butterfly Journey

There are some things we take very much for granted which, are actually quite amazing. 

Think about this for a moment.  A caterpillar.  A grubby, fat worm, which crawls about on it’s stomach hoovering up leaves, transforms into a butterfly.  Big deal?  But imagine the reaction a child would have if you told them that an earthworm can transform into a peacock?  Or rat into a horse?  Fantastic!  That’s really how amzing the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is!  Some things we take too easily for granted. 

Ok, this is all well and good, but what is the point I’m trying to make here?  Well, potentially, we are all butterflies.  Some of us are still crawling about, gorging ourselves on leaves, while others have crawled into their cocoons and are starting the wondrous transformation process.

This is no small thing!  Except the biggest changes occur to us, on the inside.  We develop, change, and grow on the inside.  The first part of our conversion revolution occurs on the day we decide that we’ve had enough of crawling, and grubbing about.  Now it’s time to take to the air.  To change forever.

Now, this is a giant first step, Deciding to Change, but before we leap off the branch and start flapping our chubby little legs, there are a few things which have to occur first in order to avoid disaster. 

We have to build a cocoon, a safe place where we can be alone with our thoughts, to work out what we want to be, and how to do it.  Once we find our safety zone, a park, the back deck, a shed, your bedroom, we can concentrate, and focus on what it is we want to change; and how we have to go about it.   

Inside our cocoons, our minds, we’ve been growing slowly, changing, transforming, but from the outside, there are few visible signs of that change.  The outside of the cocoon still looks pretty much the same as the day we decided to change, but inside, things are rapidly progressing!

After a while, you’ll know when, you’ll feel a restlessness, an overwhelming urge to break free, face the sun, and spread your wings.  There’s a whole world out there beyond the branches and leaves of the tree that you knew as a caterpillar, and you have to get out and see it.  NOW! 

The next step is the all important struggle.  This is when we really add the punch to our resolution.  If it was too easy we wouldn’t grow to maturity.  If someone did all the hard work for us, then we wouldn’t appreciate it.  Through our struggle and endeavours comes a strengthening of much needed muscles:  Resolve, Determination, and Persistence.   

And you will need these in abundance as you struggle to break free.  Again, if someone does all the hard work for you, then you won’t develop properly.  You will have weaknesses, doubts, and fears.  You must put in the hard yards yourself.    

You can’t see the changes yet, you can feel them though.  The big struggle ends, and you crawl from your cocoon and sit on your favourite piece of branch.  Then suddenly, you spread your new wings and a feeling of elation spreads throughout your entire body. 

There is no going back now, no way you can return to your old shape, your old life.  You give your new wings another flick and are delighted to feel your new, lighter body lift a little.  In exhilaration, you begin to flap your wings and you fly!  You FLY!  You are FLYING!! 

The branch drops away, in sheer elation you lift toward the sun, the smells, the breeze, the view is magnificent!  You have never felt so ALIVE!  So, HAPPY!  For one moment you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner, and then you smile, you always knew that you were a beautiful butterfly, you just had to wait until you were ready. 

You have become what you always knew you could be…

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