Stripping away the excess!

The Long and the Short of it...

My last column in the paper was edited by the team at the paper.  So, I sent them an email asking what was the new size required, and the immediate reply was 450 ‘ish words.  My average is 650…

So, deciding that this was a challenge to ‘have a crack at’, I sat down with a couple of columns I had been working on, and looked at trimming off 200 or so words.

The result was… excellent, and proved to be a lot more fun… I know, I need to get out more… 

 The smaller columns are much more concise, easier to write, and will be definitely easier to read.  I love reading columns, but when I see row upon row of print it can be a bit daunting.  Whereas smaller pieces, which have been trimmed of excess tend to get more readers.

It will be interesting to see how they develop.  In fact, I can see myself reducing the word count to a Haiku version: 



End with a Twist,


There you go!  How hard could it be?  I reckon I could write one of those each week 🙂


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2 responses to “Stripping away the excess!

  1. Short writing is great practice for being concise, I think. Six Sentences is a great place to practice this too. Let’s see if links work in comments: link.

  2. gladbloke

    Yep Bernard, the link worked fine. Now I’ve got another site to study!



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