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Wet outside, Dry Inside… for a change

For 3 years we had an NEC split a/c in our bedroom.  As a shiftworker living in this climate, I ‘NEED’ an air con that is: a) quite, b) effective, and c) dry.  The NEC unit was none of these.  In addition to the vibrating which could get so bad that it would wake me up, it had a smell… a burning smell which defeated, me, my sparkie mate, and others who had attempted to find the source.  I put up with it for ages, but when it started spitting cold drops of water on to me, which would startle me awake, I thought, “Enough!”  A new unit, a Samsung, was purchased and installed.  Guess what.  It vibrated, rattled, and squealed as well…  okaay.  My wife said, “Well, you’ll get used to it.”  I replied, “No way!” 

Samsung a/c... please ignore the 'feature wall experiment'

Another a/c dissection was conducted.  Now, I’m not a big fan of Samsung.  We had a video recorder once… actually that’s all I’m going to say on the topic because I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type.  Anyway, we tore the new Samsung apart and couldn’t find the cause of the rattling, or the excessive vibration.  I found that inserting a large piece of packing behind the unit dulled the noise a little, and life went on.  But I wasn’t exactly happy. 

In the build up to Xmas, the heat up here was insane, and not a drop of rain in sight.  Hot, humid northerly winds meant our a/c was cranked up for most of the day, and the rattling returned, with a vengeance. 

Xmas morning, we woke up shattered.  The unit had rattled, squeaked and shook all night, which meant both my wife and I suffered from several long hours of broken sleep.  So after the presents were all opened, and while Mrs. Gb whipped up some ham and eggs, I dismantled the unit once again, determined to either fix or destroy the thing.  Half an hour later I found two small pieces of plastic.  They were part of the fan bearing assembly.  I whipped them out, fired up the unit… whisper quiet.  I left it on all day, no smell, no vibration, no noise!  Yay.  I don’t know when or where the damage occurred, and frankly I don’t care.  The unit is operating fine, and that’s all that matters.  That night as we lay in bed, our stomachs swollen from excess Xmas fare, we listened to the whispering fan blow cool air over us and smiled contentedly. 

Oh, Thankyou Santa!

The second Xmas miracle was the arrival of some much needed rain!  Xmas night it bucketed down, heavy showers, thunderstorms, and cooling breezes.  I tell you, if ever the Lion is going to lay down with the Lamb, it will be after a month of hot northerlies, and a cooling shower of rain.  Beautiful. 

So this year for Xmas, I got (amongst other things!) peace and quiet, cooled down and refreshed, unbroken sleep, and a yard full of green grass. 

What more could you ask for?!

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