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No Kids, No Xmas Leave!

It’s Christmas time, and employees around the country are jockeying for position to get some time off to spend in Yuletide cheer with their families.  Lots of places close down for the break (especially those places which have the emergency hardware supplies I might need!), others scale down operations.  Not where I work.  For most of us on shiftwork, it’s business as usual.  Nothing wrong with that.  Just less folk around during the day. 

This year I’ve managed to crack a shift roster which gives me Xmas day off.  Ok, I’m back at work on Boxing day, but this is alright, it’ll give me a chance to sweat out some of that festive cheer 🙂

But this time of year is a bit hard for singles, or folks who, for one reason or another, are childless, because they find themselves shunted to the bottom of the Christmas leave roster.  Why?  Because they don’t have children, and as such, aren’t expected to enjoy Christmas.  They are deemed a ‘low priority’ on the Christmas vacation pecking order.    

What most people tend to forget is, that they are also Uncles and Aunties, or may just want to spend the day with friends who have families.  I think it’s a little unfair that they should be targeted because they haven’t bred…

Am I missing something here?

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