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Drought Comparison – Gladstone vs. Conondale

Back in 2003 when I first motorcycled down to the Imbil Rally, I was stunned to hear a farmer say how dry it was down there.  Even though he had a creek with flowing water in it, and that his cows were standing knee deep in green grass, he was deeply concerned about the ‘drought’ he was going through.  At the time I thought about the dry, brown paddocks of my region and said, “Yeah mate, you’re doing it pretty tough.”

Rain Glorious Rain in the backhills of Maleny

My sarcasm was lost on him.

Last week, even I had to admit that things down south in the back hills of the Sunnshine Coast were a little grimmer.  But still… the creeks had water in them, and the grass was green.  I took some snaps after enjoying a couple of ripper storms which lit up the area for an hour or two, and went for a walk in drizzle after the main storms had passed, enjoying the feel of rain on my skin, and the smell of wet grass and bush.  Luvverly! 

A few days later I drove home.  This is the sight of the bush up here…  bush that hasn’t been burnt off that is. 

The view along the highway south of Gladstone

Then a miracle occurred.  We recieved a few precious millimetres of rain!  I can’t tell you how magical the transformation has been in the scrub at the back of my house.  The trees have been washed down, the colours are back, and the animals have a few precious water holes to drink from now.  Brilliant.  Ok, we could do with a lot more rain (hey, who couldn’t?), but right now, I’m super grateful for anything we receive, regardless of how small.  It gives us hope that the drought won’t last forever… possibly. 

Meanwhile, the poor folk out west are doing it much tougher… much, much tougher.  And with this in mind, as I plugged in the sprinkler to keep my little vegie patch alive, I actually felt a bit guilty.

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