Nanowrimo – Winner 2009

Well, it’s been a little bit of a hectic time here in the Bray household.  November is National Novel Writing Month, and this year I went out of my way to ensure I would have plenty of time to write my novel, without the usual frenzy of scribbling that I normally have to endure. 

I cleared my calendar, pushed back appointments, cancelled others, and caught up on a few jobs around the house in October.  I had even worked out a basic plot outline that I was very pleased with… clever me.

Well, that was the plan.  As the poet Rab Burns says, “The best laid plans of mice and men, are aft to gae awry.”  He was right.  He was also right when he wrote this oft quoted little ditty, “No matter how much you shake and dance, the last drops always land in your pants.”  So true, so very, very true…

Anyway, long story short (well shorter), appointments were bought forward, the hot water system died, my airconditioner died, and we had some unexpected visitors.  All of these things needed my undivided attention, and they got it.  The thing that never fails to impress me is this;  it has been proven time and again that I don’t need perfect conditions to write eg: a silent room, no interruptions, weeks off work, a clear calendar etc.  In fact, all I need to do is squeeze in some scribbling whenever I can… just like a real writer I suppose! 

Anyway, I’ve finished.  A few days early, which is good, because tomorrow I have to be in Caloundra for an appointment on Friday morning, after which I’ll be dropping out of society up in the back hills of the Sunshine Coast for a few days.  I can’t wait to be surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the forests up there.  Unfortunately, I have to drive through Brissy on Monday to visit a mate who is recovering from surgery (Hi Rob!), then back home sometime next week.  Hopefully taking the long way round, and making a few stops along the way.    

Life is good, we have hot water in the bathroom, cool air in the bedroom, and a cold beer in the back fridge which I am about to open and enjoy the long awaited taste of to celebrate this years Nano win. 


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  1. Hooray for Gb, you have finished. Top effort

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