The Year in Review

This year I’ve stumbled over some great books which have all combined to help the journey I’m on.  At the moment I’m reading ‘The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die’, and it’s sort of blown me away.  I’m a shocking decision maker, and for me the revelation was imagining an ‘old me’ sitting on porch looking back on my life and wishing he’d done things differently.  What decisions would he have regretted making, or been happy with.  Geez, that’s made my life one hell of a lot easier! 

Goal Man

All of us have so many deep seated fears, and once you drill down to what it is stopping you from doing something, it’s kind of laughable.  Eg: I’m terrified of flying.  Why?  I’m worried that the plane will crash.  What’s the worst outcome?  Dying.  Am I scared of death?  No (really, I’m not!), I’m scared that I’ll die before doing the things I’ve always wanted to do (also, I’d like to spend more time with my family, you know, really make them suffer!).  What do I want to do?  Travel!  Why don’t I travel?  Because I’m afraid…  geez, I tell you, Headology is ‘something else’.  

I’ve also learned this year the difference between Simple and Easy. 

Ask anyone at all, How do you lose weight?  Simple they will say:  Exercise more, eat properly, avoid binging, and excessive drinking.  Why are so many people overweight?  Because it’s not Easy. 

So, with this in mind, I’ve started reviewing this years To Do List, and started toying with next years List.  But before I do, I can’t stress enough how important it is to WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, then pin them up somewhere prominent. 

Every time I sit on my toilet seat, they are staring at me… has it helped?  YES!  Because my goals are fresh in my mind, and I’m reminded of them everyday, which allows me to act on them, as opposed to finding a dust covered list years down the track and getting that horrible feeling of regret that comes at discovering an opportunity lost. 

So, this years list still has 3 things to be ‘ticked off’: 

Run 10 k’s – with a bit of luck I’ll live through that this Sunday.

Biographer – yep, got all the questions, teed up a time with my first ‘client’ next week for the initial interview (I’ll be doing a few freebies until I find the format I’m happiest with, or work out if it’s for me… as much as I love finding out and interviewing other people I may not have a gift for communicating it, but will give it a go). 

Get to 85 kg and maintain it – Not going to happen… maybe.  I was 93 kgs a few months ago, and since we tossed out the scales I haven’t really given a rats rectum what I weigh since.  Body Shape, Clothing Size, and General Fitness, I’m a lot happier with, but some work to do next year.  At this stage I’m looking at hiring a personal trainer to do the Bill Phillips ‘Body for Life’ workout.     

This years successes (Things I’ve been able to place a ‘tick’ next to 🙂  )

Humorous Columnist – Yip (next step, get paid for it, or publish a book with a selection of the best so far)

Novelist – Yep, made some big headway here (mostly in my head, telling the ‘Nun in My Head’ to shut the hell up and annoy someone else.  Progress has since been very encouraging!)

Blogger – Yep.  Will look at stepping up to the next level in the New Year, a Web Site.  Beyond my current skill level, but the option of paying someone to build the site I’m after, and running it as a business is looking very likely at this stage.  

Focus on Positives and Solutions – the motto for this goal was, “No more pity parties, Do Something About It.”  This December I’ll ask my family for some frank feedback on my progress so far on this one… they’re the toughest critics I know, so it might not be pretty!  But I’m a lot happier with myself, and the progress made in the last year.  The motivation for this particular goal came from a book called “Your Roadmap for Success” by John C. Maxwell.    

Ok, better get some rest before tonights shift.  This time next year… where will I be working?!  Better give it some thought 🙂



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