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Nano Week 1

Well, this week marks the first week of Nanowrimo 2009.  The fun, the thrills, the sense of, “Why the Hell am I doing this again?!” 

This year, I sort of surprised myself and actually had an outline all prepared.  5 days into the event I’m only making minimal changes, and the story is coming along quite well.  I hope this trend continues. 

The forum activity is steady, and very upbeat, and this year we have been joined by some new folk here in CQ, which is fantastic! 

More scribblers, yay! 

Ok, we’re still a tad short of creating an outpost of Bohemia up here, with large groups of writers, poets, artists, and musicians, gathering to encourage and inspire eachother, but it’s a start!  

If anyone is interested in what the story is about, let me know, and I’ll have a crack at a synopsis… at the moment the best way to explain it is, Fantasy/Coming of Age/Medieval/Sword & Sandal/Ripping Yarn/Adventure.  With a touch of humour for effect.  It’s definitely much easier for me to write this type of yarn than a romance novel.  Boy, that was a forgettable, and surprising difficult, experience. 

Ok, better get scribbling!

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