Taking in a Play

Doreen an’ me, we bin to see a show —

The swell two-dollar touch. Bong tong, yeh know.

A chair apiece wiv velvit on the seat;

A slap-up treat.

The drarmer’s writ be Shakespeare, years ago,

About a barmy goat called Romeo.

From CJ Dennis’ Poems of the Sentimental Bloke – The Play. 


Well, this week I got to catch a local production put on by a young group of local actors: Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

Usually when these things are on, I’m on nightshift, and I was delighted to see the dates fell in between my dayshifts.  So off to the theatre I choofed. 

Now, I didn’t go alone.  Mrs Gb wasn’t interested in attending, my children would rather eat their own feet… without sauce, and the dogs, well, they’d be keen, for about 23 seconds but I’m pretty sure the plot and subplots would be too much for them to take in.

Then I remembered my workmate from Bundy.  He travels up here each shift, and usually goes to the movies to keep himself amused.  I rang him, he was in.  Simple as that. 

So, on Saturday night we found ourselves seated in the small theatre at the CQ Uni, watching a very keen group of people ply their trade.  It had it all, humour, quirky asides, fluffed lines, a little overacting, pauses while actors waited for the lines to be uttered by some unfortunate who had missed their cue, and a plot line with a twist.  The exchanges between the audience and some ‘rogue’ on stage were worth the entrance price alone.  The character who played the Maniac Imposter improvised on more than one occasion, and carried it off very well. 

It was fun, vibrant, and hot.  I don’t think the a/c was working, but no matter, the 100 or so people who had made the effort to turn up were being entertained, so the time flew. 

Afterwards, as we sat applauding in the stands while the cast and crew took their bows I thought, “I’ve really missed this.”  Brisbane, for all it’s faults had a pretty lively stage culture.  I wish I’d seen more shows now. 

Could I do it?  Could I go on stage, and try and entertain a crowd.  I dunno, but I’m glad some people can, and do.  And I’m glad to watch them!

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