My Kind of Writer

This week I’ve been pretty busy…. to say the least. But in my few spare moments, I’ve had a bit of time to read some books, blogs, web pages, newspapers, and do a bit of scribbling. 

The two most powerful things I’ve read this week though were: 

The Freelance Writers Bible, by Dave Trottier.  An excellent read, and one that I would highly recommend to anyone in the scribbling game.  It’s easy to follow, has so many excellent tips that I think I’ll have to buy my own copy, and above all, is highly encouraging and motivational.  It makes you want to to write! 

The second thing I read this week was over at Laura Goodins’ blog, “A Motley Coat”.  I usually pop in once a week to catch up on Laura’s musings, there’s usually something there that makes me think, and at times laugh… everything I like in a blog 🙂  But this post 

was worth its’ weight in gold.  A hearty pat on the back and a “Well Done, Madam” to you Laura!   

I want to be that sort of writer… and the good news is, I can be. 

Right now.


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2 responses to “My Kind of Writer

  1. Pépé - or Pierre

    Hi Greg, or Gladbloke, or.. ? Mate!
    IS there a problem with publishing a text you have also had publishe with the Observer? Copyright wise I mean, because, OK they don’t pay you but their customers pay them. Do you reckon it’s an issue?

  2. gladbloke

    Hey Pierre, um, I don’t think there’s a problem. First of all, I’m the author, copyright laws are usually set up to protect the authors rights, and fee payments. As there’s no money involved (the paper doesn’t pay me, and I don’t make money from this blog) there shouldn’t be any dramas…

    Plus, I let the paper know about the blog, and the printing of the column each Monday 🙂

    Cheers mate,


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