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Springing a Fetlock

Well, it had to happen sooner or later… I pulled a muscle in my leg, and it hurt… a lot. 

I quite like interval training day, the day between my day and night shifts.  I get up early, wander down to the school and rip out 10 – 15 laps of the oval in the following way:  jog, sprint, jog, fast run, jog/sprint, jog, jog, sprint, etc.

I’ve really come to enjoy the sprinting part.  The build up, the explosion of movement, legs and arms pumping, the wind roaring in my ears.  I probably look like someone has set me on fire and I’m running for my life, but I don’t care.  I really enjoy the sprinting, and afterwards, the feeling of achievement is palpable, knowing that I’ve had a top workout. 

Then it’s back home, do my laundry, a few householdy jobs, some scribbling, then beddy byes for a few hours before walking to work around 5 pm.  Good plan so far. 

On lap 3 yesterday, I felt something ‘move’ in the top of my left leg.  Then the pain started, just a little, as I gazed down at the top of my leg something went ‘twang’ and I hobbled to a stop.  Damn, damn, damn!  Being male I gave it a bit of a rub, a bit of a stretch and started running again.  Slow speed, no worries.  Sprint?  Damn, damn, damn!  No more sprinting today for you my son. 

In the end I managed to do 5 k’s, had a drink, walked home, walked the dogs and had a shower.  The hot water felt good on my aching thigh muscle, and I’m pretty sure there’s no major damage.  The walk to work yesterday was fine, a bit of a twinge now and then.  At work this week, I’m in charge of a machine that has just over 200 stairs from top to bottom.  It was a bit of a trial getting up and down those staircases t/out the night but no biggie.  As long as I didn’t do it at speed. 

Walking home this morning the leg wasn’t a drama, even pushing it a bit up the last hill to my house didn’t give me grief.  The question is, will it be right by tomorrow afternoon for the last Road Runners meet I’ll be able to get to for a few weeks? 

I’m not too sure.  Should I go?  Or should I rest up?  I can do the 5 klm run, but at a reduced rate, but was hoping to the 2klm run at speed.  Don’t think so.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to let you know either way 🙂

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