Lake Awoonga – A ‘dam’ fine place!

Awoonga Dam is situated about 30 k’s outside of Gladstone and supplies our regions freshwater needs.  The dam wall is approx 40 metres high and holds back approx 7 to 800 000 megalitres of cool, clear water. 

Arial view of Awoonga Dam

Arial view of Awoonga Dam

The dam is regularly stocked with hundreds of thousands of fish, mostly barramundi, as well as mullet and mangrove jack (apparently!).  It’s a big drawcard for hundreds of anglers keen to hook a massive barra, but for most locals, it’s a nice place to visit on the weekend for a picnic, BBQ, or just a scenic drive.  I’ve paddled around on it a bit from time to time, in canoes, or on a surfmat, and on one occasion a windsurfer… never let speak of that time again. 

I’ve always wanted to explore the farther reaches and opposite shores of the dam, but for some reason have always put it off.  Until today.  Today my father and I took the tinnie for a run across the fresh water and had a bit of a look round. 

Well, the bird life is phenomonal, the scenery surrounding the dam, stunning.  What also surprised me was how rough it got in the middle of the dam when the wind picked up… I really wasn’t expecting to be slapping through white topped waves this morning! 

Dad and Dory

Dad and Dory

On the second attempt, and after a tussle with a large clump of hidden weeds, we found the water course that feeds into the dam (the Boyne River / Creek), and motored up it for a way.  Ours was the only boat this far up, and we passed several herds of cows who watched us slide by without much interest.  At the new Boynedale camping / picnic area we turned round.

On the way back we passed a large gum tree at the waters edge with a Tarzan rope dangling off it, and hanging at the end of the rope was the body a small pig that had been left to dangle upside down  over the water.  I didn’t have knife to cut it down, there really are some morons around. 

100_1865 (Small)Back in the main part of the dam we saw a large numbers of boats scattered around the fringe of the dam, but my main concern was the lowering guage in my fuel tank.  The wind had picked up and we were scooted over the small waves at a good clip, returning to the boat ramp without any dramas.  Some of the boats were amazing.  One we saw had about 5 inches of clearance out of the water and was powered by a 150 h.p outboard.  Move!  This thing was like a bolt of lightning over the water.  I’d love to have a go on one! 

Anyway, we made it back to the ramp without a hitch and I backed the trailer down.  I mention this, because the ramp to the water is a very long drive when you are doing it in reverse 🙂  We’ll be back again as Summer returns, next time I’ll bring the girls and we’ll have a picnic on the water, and maybe a little swim.  Can’t wait!

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