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I’m Not Dave Barry… yet!

At the top end of the column writing spectrum is Dave Barry, humorous columnist, author, musician, killer of defenceless toilets (see his website for more info on that last one, by clicking on this link:  http://www.davebarry.com/ ).  Dave is currently doing the job that I, and no doubt thousands of others, want to do (except for the toilet killing thing… but I’m prepared to give it a go if it’s part of the job description).  But obviously there can only be one Dave Barry, which should make all of sigh with relief I suppose…

Dave's work uniform is a little eccentric... but looks quite comfy

Dave's work uniform is a little eccentric... but looks quite comfy

At the other end of the spectrum is Greg (that’s me folks!).  There’s a lot of distance between where I am now, and where Dave is sitting high on his lofty throne.  That is to say that the throne is high, not Dave, although it would explain a lot.

The thing I have to focus on now is tightening my writing style, while keeping eye on what the competition is doing, and do enough to wipe the floor with them in order to keep ahead of the pack.  Hey, how hard could it be?

Well, pretty hard actually, but fun as well which makes writing columns a much more enjoyable activity.  I have grown to enjoy:  hearing / seeing interesting funny things then taking a few notes in my ever present note pad.  The process of taking an idea, expanding it (1000 – 1200 words) then hammering it back down to 500 – 600 words.  Then the joy of seeing those words in print and getting the odd bit of feedback from readers.  

And to think, we live in an age where I could potentially do that for a living!  Well, Bring it ON I say 🙂

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