SPRING-ing into Summer

Salty Sea Dogs

Salty Sea Dogs

“The weather is fine, so now is the time, for messing about on the river…”

Yep, Spring is early this year.  Magpie attacks, fans on again through the night, and a certain feel in the air that nature is ready to officially ‘go nuts’ after a few months off.  Unfortunately, the only thing missing is the rain. 

Drying off, while we eat iceblocks :)

Drying off, while we eat iceblocks 🙂

Dry!  The ground is so parched that the trees are uprooting themselves to move nearer to the dogs when they stop to pee.  It’s been a very dry 5 or so months. 

But on the upside, the weather is Perfect for hitting the beach, which is what we did last weekend.  The water is still cool (by Queensland standards!), but the dogs didn’t mind.  Looking forward to that first swim of the year… which will no doubt be sometime this week going by the way the heat is cranking up.  This Summer promises to be a scorcher.

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