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This Weeks Reading

If there’s one good thing about being sick, it’s the fact that I’ve had a bit more reading time.  This week I’ve managed to plough through a few good novels, some old, some new, and have already chewed through my weekly quota a little earlier than planned.  I had to read a little slower during my breaks at work today as I’ve only got one more book up my sleeve to take in tomorrow (and I’m halfway through that as well!)   

Not my legs... looks uncomfortable doesn't it?

Not my legs... looks uncomfortable doesn't it?

The week started off with a Terry Prathcett favourite, The Truth, and ended not 10 minutes ago with a novel by an Aussie writer Brendan Gullifer entitled, Sold.  

In between these two books were several smaller books, The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh (he of Brideshead Revisited fame), some exercise books, and a couple of investment magazines (who am I kidding 🙂  I was flat out understanding the ads!) 

But this weeks standout was Sold.  A roaring good novel, very enjoyable, and also an extremely educational look at the Melbourne (well, anywhere really) Real Estate Market.  I put the book down tonight and had a bit of a think…

It’s one thing to be on the bottom of a very long ladder, it’s quite another thing to be scrabbling around on the floor at the base of the ladder as well.  Not only that, for those at the top of the ladder, it’s a terribly long way to fall when things go wrong, and they can go wrong, be it from greed, overextending yourself, being on the receiving end of a dodgy ‘mate’, or just plain bad luck.

I’m kind of happy to be doing what I do, there’s a basic honesty to it.  I like some people, I don’t like others, and I can tell them what I think, as they can (and often do) to me.  And while I’m still a wage slave, I’m nobody’s servant either.  I don’t have to beg for my pay, or wheedle up to people I don’t like, or respect.  I do my job, I do a little bit more, the world is a slightly better place in a very small way.  Ok, the risk is low and so are the rewards, but this lines up  nicely with my personal values.  I’d be like a fish out of water in the realo game… a very, very small fish amongst entire shoals of sharks.  Hungry, and desperate sharks.  Note:  Not all of them are bad, but they are all hungry, and that can temper their decisions when it’s crunch time.   

But for what it’s worth, Sold is a good read.  I like Aussie authors, and the way they tell a good yarn without a lot of unnecessary ‘filler’.  Brendan Gullifers’ writing style reminded me at times of Robert G. Barrett, and I would have been unsurprised to see Les Norton pop up halfway through the novel.  

Do yourself a favour… trust me 🙂


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