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Training Notes

There were two things that I learned in the last few weeks – 

Illness:  The tri-athlete who gave me some tips also warned me that you will get ill a lot more, because you’re constantly pushing your body to the edge, so fatigue will cause you to fall victim to any viruses getting around.  Ha! I thought, I’ll keep popping my magic vitamin pills, that’ll keep me out and about.  Nope.  Over the weekend I hit a wall, literally ran myself into the ground, then woke up with a bit of a sniffle, which rapidly turned into a head cold.  Tired an snuffly, I’ve been mooching around the house thinking about what training I could do in this condition.  In the past I’ve tried to push myself a bit harder when crook, with some terrible consequences as a result.  So, I’ll continue to mooch around the house, and take it easy this week.  Which is annoying as I was starting to hit my stride as well…

Did I mention it's bit dry here in Gladstone?

Did I mention it's bit dry here in Gladstone?

Music:  A workmate asked me how I could possibly train without using an MP3 player to keep me pumped.  So last Friday I plugged a new battery into my MP3 player, worked out what songs will play, and deleted those that didn’t (don’t ask me why, it’s just another battle between Greg and technology), and set out. 

Did it work?  Well, I ran the first 10 laps in the record time of 18mins 50 secs, and only walked 1 lap out of the 15 total.  I was started to flag a little at one stage, then the opening power chords of Airbornes’ song ‘Diamond in the Rough’ pounded into my brain, and I lifted as if by magic, fatigue forgotten for the moment.  Brilliant!  I’m convinced, and once I can work out how to get the MP3 to work reliably enough to play my personal motivational music then I’ll be a world beater 🙂  

But not this week.  This week, I’ll rest, relax, and try some mental imagery.  If I can’t physically run the course, then I’ll try the NLP exercise of envisioning my training run.  Hey, if it worked for John McCain’s golf game, then it can work for me!

If you want to know how Johnny improved his golf game without using a club, then stay tuned.  It’s an interesting story.

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