KLE 500 – Backend Woes

One of the weak points of the Kwaka KLE 500 is the crap way that they’ve used the fibreglass/plastic rear light guard to attach the lengthy rear mudguard.  Over the years, I’ve had to have the plastic rewelded as the vibration from the mudguard left cracks around the holding nuts, and after a little while those cracks grew until the guard dropped onto the back wheel. 

Occy strap anyone?

Occy strap anyone?

The plastic welds would hold for a while until more cracks appeared.  I did look at replacing the entire section, but opted instead for cutting the guard down, and trying different epoxies to hold the guard in place.  This was relatively succesful, but a couple of dirt rides shook the guard loose again, and I returned home with the guard strapped to the rear carrier, my number plate having taken another big hit from the rear tyre, and the rego label missing.  I was getting a tad pissed off with the situation.

A search of the internet revealed that must be the only damned KLE owner on the planet with this problem, (or the only one stupid en0ugh to post about it 🙂 , so I would have to come up with a solution… not a huge engineering problem, but annoying nonetheless.   

Eventually I added a couple of steel braces to the frame bolts, and bent them just enough to keep some solid pressure on the guard preventing it from moving.  In addition to this I shortened the guard which lightened the load without any noticeable difference in the amount of dirt, rocks, mud, cow pats etc. flinging over the tail light (and me!).   

After: slightly shorter and stronger

After: slightly shorter and stronger

 Of course, the next step will be to get the rear shock checked, as the old unit may be starting to sag a little.  I suppose I’ll have to take it a bit easier riding over the odd jump, potholes, bush tracks, and logs until this work is done… possibly!

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