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Marathon Man – Month 2

This morning I woke from my slumbers at 2 am, rolled over then sat up as my headache punched my brain through the pillow.  Changing position helped a little, so I lay down and submitted to a restless slumber for a few more hours before dragging myself out of bed just before dawn and popping a couple of headache tablets.  Full moon again.  Aha.  My maternal Grandfather suffered from this affliction as well, every full moon he’d get a ripper headache.  I suppose it could be worse, as there are plenty of other hereditary illnesses that make a monthly headache pale into insignificance.

Sitting on the lounge in front of the tele, sipping my coffee, and watching what passes for news these days, (fluffy crap about celebrities, upcoming movies, and sporting results – big deal!), the thought crossed my mind, ‘You don’t need to run today.’ 

Shuffling to my feet I got dressed, slipped on my sandshoes and wandered down the road to the oval as Mr. Sun poked his head over the horizon.  15 laps, come hell or high water.

The school groundskeeper wandered over at the end of lap 10, as I approached my water bottle standing on the track which marks my start and finishing point.  He smiled, and I pulled up to introduce myself.  He asked if the sprinklers were bothering me.  “Hell no!” I replied, dripping with sweat, “leave them on mate, please!” 

We got to chatting, and he told me that he used to do tri-atholons, suddenly, doing those last 5 laps wasn’t so important.  He asked about the event I was training for, then gave me some great training tips and pointers.  How good was this?!

And to think, if I’d submitted to my inner critic, I’d still be sitting like a mushroom in front of the tele, cringing in disgust as the ‘beautiful people’ chirpily blathered on about meaningless crap.  Instead I made a new friend, who has a wealth of experience and tips to share.  I was so inspired that I jogged home, uphill the whole way, then took the dogs for a brisk walk afterwards.  The headache is just a dull shadow of it’s former self, but overriding this is the feeling of general wellness, and achievement.   

I don’t know what’s motivating me, and I don’t care… well, I do care, but whatever it is, it’s buried deep in my sub-conscious, and it’s working 🙂  I’ve got a sneaking suspicion though, that it has something to do with the fact that I wrote down on my ‘Goals List’ for this year, Run 10 klms.  Every morning, when I go to the toilet I look at that list, and at this point of the year, it’s kind of nice to be ticking off some of those goals. 

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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