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Zen it man…

When you rest, rest.

When you work, work.

When you play, play.


As usual when I need to learn a lesson the right thing, person, book or movie drops into my life to give me a little shove.  This week it’s been the book Zen and Now.  A great read about motorcycling, adventure, history, and philosophy.  It was very timely as well, as some of the lessons really came in handy.

First the tv playing up.  The new whiz bang tele’s can’t pick up the digital signal on my favourite channels when I’m trying to watch my fave shows.  So I retired to my room and did more reading and writing.  Excellent result, no stress.

Stuff I need just disappearing.  I mean lost.  We don’t have a lot of clutter in our house, so there’s not too many places things can hide… very frustrating.  But no more searching, sooner or later they’ll turn up… or I’ll replace them with newer, better, and much more brightly coloured items. 

Out in the boat last weekend, Junior Princess caught her first big ‘keeper’ fish.  We took about 5 photos of her holding it up.  So proud!  We got home to discover (after I’d eaten the fish) that Not one photo came out.  Don’t even exist.  In spite of having spare batteries and a spare memory card, it’s like the camera just decided not to work, something it’s NEVER done before, EVER… to say I was upset would be a very, very big understatement.  I went for a long walk, cleared my head and walked through the back door with the following announcement:  “Well, little chicken, you’ll just have to catch another big fish, and next time we’ll have two (or more) cameras!”  She happily agreed with this plan 🙂

Pushie:  The last 7 times I’ve ridden up town, I’ve managed to get a flat rear tyre (I’m not exaggerating here, the roads up town must be littered with wire, nails screws etc).  On Wednesday I rode up town and back home again, and was delighted to discover that I didn’t get a flat tyre.  When I got up to pedal to work for my first nightshift I strolled out to the shed to see my rear tyre flat.  ‘Zen it’ I thought.  So I walked to work.  It was quite pleasant.  Actually, it was so good that I walked to work again tonight…  great 🙂

My life is a work in progress, but there’s a lot to be said for ‘just letting things go’, it’s certainly stopped the mad, bad and sad thoughts from circulating round and round my head, which doesn’t do me, or anyone else, any good at all. 

Still a ways to go though, but it’s nice to be pointing in the right direction!

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