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This Weeks Reading

This week I’ve ploughed through 4 books which have all been quite good: 

The Cry of the Curlew – an Australian ‘Wilbur Smith’ type read.  Good yarn, some interesting facts about my area here in CQ, and some fairly vivid descriptions of Aboriginal ‘dispersions’ (massacres basically).  Water for cattle and sheep was much more important than water for local tribes during times of drought… apparently.

Zen and Now – revisits the route across America that Robert Pirsig took when he wrote the classic novel, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”  Has been such a good read that I’ve read it twice, and had to lie down a couple of times with a cold towel on my head to stop myself from kicking the old Kwaka to life and going on tour… might read it again this week at work! 

Now or Never by Tim Flannery –  I’ve read it, thought about it, and dunno.  Tim’s a smart bloke.  Much smarter than I’ll ever be, but… and that’s the point, I can’t put my finger on why I’m not convinced.  Probably because we’ve been lied to so much these days that I’m having a hard time sorting out what’s true and what’s spin.  Everyone has an agenda.  Things have to change, but at the moment all I can see is Governments jumping on the bandwagon in order to tax us for the air we breathe.  Maybe I’m being cynical, but it’s amazing how quickly all levels of government got onboard the carbon trading scheme.  Nothing moves that quickly in govt.  Show me where the money is, and then I’ll know why… in the meantime I’ll keep doing what I can in my own small way. 

This Year You Write Your Novel – great read, some excellent tips and advice.  But sitting down at exactly the same time every day and writing for 3 hours is not going to happen while I’m living this lifestyle… maybe if I was gay, childless and living in a unit that was cleaned and maintained by hired help, then yes, I’d write everyday for hours at a time.  Apart from that, writing when you can, and plugging forward is the only way to go.  JK Rowling did it, so can we… um, me, sorry, I meant, ‘I’. 

Perhaps if I was reading less, I’d have more time to write… nah, you’ve got to have some downtime!

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