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On the Road to Writerville

I like to drift round, have a bit of a look here and there, a bit of a tour there, but as much fun as this can be at times, it is not a good way to spend your life. 

Many folk have gone from sitting in their garages, revving their cars, and waiting ‘for the right moment’ to go for a drive, to cruising the streets, highways and country lanes, looking for a place to go, or a sign that will tell them where to drive.  

That’s been me for a long time. 

Driving around, working here and there, trying this and that, waiting for some kind person to lean in through my window and say, “Hey, go to this place, it’s made just for you!”  Not going to happen.  I’ve waited long enough, so I pulled over, got out some maps, worked out where I didn’t want to go (anywhere West of the Great Dividing Range… ever again!), then started circling places I did want to go.  By the process of elimination I decided on a destination, worked out what I would need to do to get there, and got back in my car. 

I’m on the road to Writerville.  It’s a nice place where everyone works their own hours, at home, and gets paid for their efforts.  Life is pleasant in Writerville.  There is time for research, part time jobs (shutdowns, overhauls etc.) to supplement your income, and while working in these jobs you get to meet more interesting people and listen to their stories.  All the Writers have time to work out, exercise, as well as spend quality time with their families.  There is a beach which is always handy for walking or rowing a small boat when inspiration lowers, there are no smoking stacks, smelly factories, or screaming turbines.  I’m going to check this wonderful place out for myself! 

Now, Writerville may not be all its’ cracked up to be, but others have made it there, and, if they can do it, then so can I.  All I need is to keep my car on the right track, keep it well maintained, use good fuel, ask for directions from time to time, and help anyone else who is struggling along.  It may take longer than I want to get there, but it’s not a race.  I just have to be patient.

At this stage, I’m just happy that I’m not going to waste any more fuel driving around in circles!

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