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Back on Track

Hello Funlovers! 

Four days ago I wrote that my motivation was at a pretty low ebb.  It felt like I was a rudderless ship just drifting about the ocean, being tossed and turned by the wind and waves.  This is not a good state of affairs.  Sure, you’re not in the harbour lashed to the wharf, but at the same time you’re just poking along without any drive or ambition to give you direction. 

So I got off my butt and started moving.  Just walking at first, a bit of jogging, then some pushups, sit ups etc.  It’s a amazing the difference, the change, that comes over you when you get going.  Suddenly I was getting ideas, my negativity took a back seat, and I felt my spirits lift. 

So, four days later, I’ve been off the booze (not that I was drinking much anyway…) been moving more, and re-focussed on my fitness journey.  If all goes to plan I will be sitting here next year, with a glowing feeling burning deep inside after having completed (aka: Lived through) the Gold Coast Half Marathon.

Half Marathon… yep, you heard right.  Mentally I can’t seem to make the jump in my head from being a non-runner to completing a full marathon.  But as soon as I said to myself, “I can do the Half Marathon,” my legs and lungs replied, “Yep, we’re in.”  And suddenly the desire to run was back… big time. 

Don’t tell them that I’ll still push for the full marathon, I don’t want them getting discouraged!


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