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Motivation Blues

This time last year I was pretty pumped as I counted down the remaining weeks prior to doing the Cycle Qld ride from Bundy to Brissy.  When I wasn’t on the pushie I was at the gym doing aerobics, or galloping through the bush behind the dogs.  I’d been off the booze for a few months and was looking pretty lean and keen. 

Fast forward one year, and my motivation is somewhat lacking. 

Exercise:  I still walk everyday, which is something I genuinely enjoy, but my gym time has fallen away of late. 

Diet:  Still not drinking much, which is good, and having a minimum of 3 dry days a week, but food intake is a bit ordinary, some rubbish sneaking back in. 

Goal:  Run the Gold Coast Marathon this time next year.  Training to date:  Very little. 

I’ve got a year to get my Rear into Gear if I’m going to do the run.  The first thing I’ve got to do is get my head right.  At the moment, my brain is having the following conversation with me:  “Hey Greg, I see you still want to do the marathon.”


“Are you mad?  You haven’t run any distance since school.  You need to have a good hard look at yourself son!”

I want to do it.

“Mate, I’m your best friend, and I don’t think you can do it.” 

You didn’t think I could run 3 klms either.

“You got lucky.  Look, isn’t there something else a little easier on your aging body you can do?”

I want to do the marathon.

“I don’t think you want to do it badly enough.  You don’t even have a training plan.”

Yeah… bit of a problem that.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’d better get organised.

“Oh God…” 

In closing, it has been said:  Without vision, the people perish.  I think that applies on a personal level as well.  Without some big (but achievable goal) you tend to fall into the ‘blahs’, and get complacent (or in my case, lazy), and before you know it you’re back to square one… or possibly square two. 

Ok, time to get cracking!

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