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LMC – The Biggest Loser is US

Hiya folks, I keep a spreadsheet to track my columns used in the paper each week, and this one was marked in red (to denote that it probably won’t be used now).  It was one of the first I wrote back in February, and I thought that it would have been timely for it to have been used back then… or maybe early March.  Because it didn’t get used, I was actually driven to try harder, and really knuckled down to improve my writing style, tighten the word count and lift my efforts to write at least one ‘good’ column each week, and one first draft, so I’ve always got something to work on when inspiration runs  a little low.

So, last Monday, I opened the paper, saw this column and thought, ‘Good God, they used it!  A month after the show had finished?!’ 

Some of this stuff was written on the Craig Harper forum, so for those of you familiar with my scribblings there it’s old news… so, for better or worse, here it is:

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