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Good Luck To You

It was the comment my wife made on the weekend – “I don’t believe in luck, it’s how you react to things,” that really got me thinking this week.  Then yesterday at work, we were having another run of bad luck when a workmate called out over the radio, “Mate, you bring this on yourself!” 

I leaned against a rail and caught my breath before racing up the next two sets of stairs to deal with the latest emergency, thought about it for a moment then asked, “How the hell do you figure that!” 

“Well,” he said, “if you didn’t go round finding things wrong, then you wouldn’t be running around all bloody shift.  Just chill mate, go have a drink, put your feet up and relax for a bit, the shit will still be going on whether you’re here or not.” 

“That’s just what we need,” I replied, “another bastard sitting on his arse doing nothing, that’s why we’re in this %^$#ing mess mate!” 

But, as I galloped all over the area chasing drama after drama, the thought kept rattling through my mind… ‘Do I bring this on myself?” 

I’m a glass is half full sort of person.  Normally.  But during the last few weeks, I’ve somehow slipped into the negative mode of ‘Why is my glass half empty?  Why can’t I have a bigger glass?  What’s this glass full of?  Why ME?’

Once I’m in this mode, then I tend to view the world through a very dark lens.  The only things I can see, or focus on, are negative things.  And while I’m in this ‘zone’ I expect nothing but the worst to happen.  And am unsurprised when it does, because it ‘confirms’ my expectations and belief that I am basically unlucky.

For years I have always believed, “I am a blessed man, but not a lucky one.”  Meaning that I have a lot to be grateful for (I really do), but good luck is not one of those things. 

Well, that particular belief has to go! 

The Vikings put a lot of emphasis on Luck.  Kings were either honored or reviled for the amount of luck they had, and their followers believed that if their King was lucky, then they would also benefit from following him.  And the more Vikings you have following you, then the luckier you get!  If he was unlucky… well, he wasn’t King for very much longer.

If I have learned anything during my short time here on planet Earth about people then it is this:  Those who expect nothing but the best usually get it, and those folk who truly believe in themselves usually do quite well.   

I have met people with far less skills, talent, or get up and go than myself.  They are loose with the truth, untrustworthy, and unreliable.  The only reason that they have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams is because they have never, ever, doubted that they were born for greatness. 

One person I know, who can barely walk upright and breathe at the same time, is today a rip roaring success ‘down South’, and was worth millions the last time I heard from him.  His only talent was, and is, an iron clad self belief that He, and He alone, is at the centre of the universe, and that He was born to be a Leader, a King among Men (his own words).  I laughed when he told me this, but he simply dismissed me as ‘an idiot’.  But he did it.  Ok, some of the stuff he did wasn’t what you would call ethical, but it got him to where he is now, to the place He has always thought was His birthright.    

Another mate who knew him often says, “He couldn’t do an an honest days toil to save his life, but look at him now, the Lucky Bastard!” 

Lucky?  Nope. 

Cunning, terrified of hard work, and lowly positions?  Yep.

He’s reaping the benefits of his own self beliefs. 

So, for the rest of this week, while I’m in this thoughtful frame of mind, I will be reviewing some of my self beliefs.  I will also be working on my Values worksheet again (thanks Tim Brownson).

Basically, I if I want to change my life, then I have to change my thinking, and the first step is identifying those thought patterns and beliefs that have been helpful, and the ones which have been hobbling me.  Then work out ways to re-inforce the positive, eliminate the negative, and replace them with improved beliefs and values.     

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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