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The Journey So Far

There must be something in the air up here in Queensland… apart from a stack of pollen which has been making me sneeze every morning!  Narnie (Hiya mate!) from the Craig Harper forum mentioned today on her post that she was thinking about this time last year when we first met on the forum and I wrote that I wanted to be a writer.  The funny thing is, as I was on my knees last night scraping muck out of a pump well, I was thinking about the same thing…  and it gave me hope, which is a necessary part of maintaining a certain level of happiness, no matter what situation you may find yourself in… even when hot, wet, tired and sweaty :).

12 months ago I was writing sporadically, complaining (loudly) that I didn’t have the time to write, had too many jobs to do,  or had too many interruptions.  But last night it hit me (much like the horrendous smell coming out of the pump well) that I still don’t have any more time to write, still have a stack of jobs to do, and have more interruptions than ever (thankyou computer spammers!), BUT, unlike a year ago, in spite of all the calls on my time, I’ve been able to do much more writing. 

The saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person” certainly holds true. 

Having a clear goal, which I wrote down, pinned to the toilet wall, then made public has certainly helped (um, my goals were made public, not the toilet wall).  Having my own ‘personal’ cheer squad on the CH forum has been a massive booster as well for my productivity.  So instead of blowing away my spare time in front of the tv, or procrastinating until all the stars line up and the time is right,  I find myself scribbling down jobs in my diary, allowing slightly extra time for unexpected difficulties (like timber garden edging that warped itself inside out during the only shower of rain we had last week 😦 ) and planning time for writing, exercising, family time, and alone time.  And my creative writing in general has improved as well.  Less TV, has meant more scribbling, more creativity, and more output. 

Same amount of time in each day, more work getting done.  More work = more success = more encouragement to keep going = even more success, etc.   

Work has been as busy as ever, but instead of wandering around in a fog of uncertainty and desperation, I find my mind is brimming with writing ideas, and that has helped me focus wonderfully on my scribbling.  Of course, it has also improved my attitude at work, to my work, and to the people I work with, and this has had some wonderful knock-on effects as well, if my latest performance review is anything to go by.   

When I took on my current position late last year, stepping back down the ladder to the ground floor, part of my plan was to use my ‘drone time’ (jackhammering, hammering, hosing, etc.) to expand my creativity, to dream up new ideas, plot lines, subplots, articles etc.  And, this has been the case, which makes me the happiest little ground floor worker in the place, who is not on any sort of medication…  But for some reason folk above me want to develop me in a direction that I’m not all that keen on.  So, I’ve taken on a few more jobs, tasks etc., and have so far been able to cope wonderfully whilst keeping the bosses at bay, but unfortunately this means that you are further targeted for more jobs, tasks etc.  So, I’ll have to get a bit more creative in learning to avoid being loaded up with more ‘tasks’ in my real job, in order to further focus on my future ‘unreal’ job  🙂

'The hand, having writ, moves on...'

'The hand, having writ, moves on...'

It is my ‘writing time’ that I’ve enjoyed the most.  Researching (with a purpose), jotting down ideas, the discipline of blogging, joining up with motivated people on the CH forum, writing column articles, and struggling with my novel has given me a great amount of satisfaction in the last 12 months.  Could I do it for a living?  Geez, I hope so.  How?  Well, I don’t fully know yet, but I have a dream, and at least I’m on the road… and where it leads to will no doubt be a wonderful adventure!

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