Painful Lessons in Pilates

This morning I did my second session of Pilates training.  It was Amazing!  Amazingly difficult, Amazingly painful, and Amazing that I lobbed up for a second session 🙂

I’d heard about Pilates prior to my first session late last year, I mean who hasn’t.  During the 90’s it seemed that every second commercial was for a Pilates course, or machine (remember it slips right under your bed… along with all the other junk that you bought that slipped right under your bed, and was immediately forgotten). 

When I first met our new instructor, and she informed our happy little group that we’d be doing an hour of Pilates an excited buzz went round the room.  It started off so well, with relaxing music, (pan pipes, mingled with the sound of waterfalls sort of thing), and lots of meditative movements and breathing exercises.  I lay on my back, deep breathing in and out, and slowly waving my arms around in circles thinking, ‘I could get used to this’.  

The instructor looked super fit, well toned, slim, and was extremely flexible.  How do I know she was extremely flexible?  Because things started to ramp up after we’d warmed up.  Initially, being the only bloke in the group, I chose to do the slightly ‘harder’ method of each exercise, and as I stood, or lay, shaking like a leaf while my muscles slowly disintegrated, it struck me that there would be no shame in trying the ‘easy way’. 

The easy way was a slight improvement, but still horribly painful.

I won’t go into the gory details, but that hour was one of the most intense workouts I’d ever had.  For example, how hard is it to do ten pushups?  Not that hard right.  Wrong.  Doing them slowly, an inch at a time, whilst trying to remember how to breathe properly, makes for a extremely hard set of press ups.  I did 10… eventually, but had a couple of rests in between.  I wish now I had done them on my knees… 

Will I do it again?  Will I back up for a third time.  Yep.  Why? 

Because anything that bad, just has to be good for you!

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