The Gym – One Year On

Yesterday marks the day, one year ago, when I first wandered into the Yaralla Sports Club gym and had my initial assessment.  I only realised this when I saw the date on the dog-eared card that records all my exercises and current weight information.



After the workout, I sat for a bit (in a large puddle of sweat) and had a look at the stats on the card.  Some of the initial weights are laughable now, but at the time it hurt like hell to lift them.  It’s kind of nice to have a black and white record of how far you’ve come.

The time has certainly flown, and got me thinking about where I go from here. 

At this stage I’m still enjoying the gym, which has come as a bit of a surprise.  Due to shiftwork, family duties, and jobs to be done around the house, I’m still only managing to get down there twice a week, but it’s enough to keep me fit, and make monthly progress on the size of the weights being lifted. 

The image I have of ‘The New Me’ is still fixed in my head.  It’s a picture of a much thinner, wirier, fitter, bloke than he was this time last year.  And so far, so good.  10 kg’s have disappeared, and I’m able to lift heavier stuff.  My back doesn’t hurt anymore, my knees are fine, and my outlook on life has definitely improved.  Got to be happy with that 🙂      

So, am I there yet.  Nope.  What do I need to do?  Well, this year, the goal is to maintain the strength training, but to up my endurance / fitness levels. 

same shirt, thinner bloke...

After: same shirt and glasses, thinner bloke...


I would like to be a runner. 

Road, bush, track.  The goal is to be able to run 10 klms without stopping by Xmas.  Yep, 10 k’s.  I haven’t run 10 kilometres in my life.  Ever.  If I can make 5 I’ll be deliriously happy!    

I chose the magic 10 because I initially selected 3.  Then immediately thought, ‘Go on, UP it!  Don’t be a sook.’  So in the spirit of male stupidity I wrote down ‘Run 10 klm’s’. 

How am I doing? 

Well, I’ve had a couple of runs to date.  Nothing flash, but it’s a start.  Timing is the key.  I prefer training in the afternoons.  Unfortunately I have two little dogs locked onto my ankles from 3 p.m. onwards (see previous post), waiting for me to slip on their leads and go for a walk, which we do around 5.30 ish.  An hour later we get back, and then I head down to the local school and do a few laps of the oval.  It’s a start.  But I’ve got to get serious. 

At this time my running style is at the Lumbering and Gasping Stage.  I’m hoping to be at Awkward, but Slightly Quicker by the end of this month. 

With a bit of persistence, March 30 will see me at the level of, Ungainly but Progressing Nicely phase. 

I can do this. 


Beats me!  But if last year taught me anything, having a goal to work towards, a big goal, is good for my motivation, and makes for a much more interesting life.  So a-jogging we will go.

P.S: If these posts mysteriously stop…  nah, forget it!


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6 responses to “The Gym – One Year On

  1. If you don’t reach your goal of doing a 10km run before Xmas, I think you should stand naked in the street. 😉
    (That was my rather cryptic way of saying you can definitely do this).

    Wow that’s an impressive difference between the before and after pictures too. Before didn’t look like much of a runner but After certainly does!

  2. gladbloke

    Hi Leanne,

    Ta for the nice comment. If anyone else is reading this, click on Leanne’s name under the Blogroll (on the side bar to the right) to check out an amazing transformation. Trust me on this… you will be impressed.

    Naked in the main street. Is Gladstone ready for that much horror?! 10 k’s… what was I thinking? Oh that’s right, I wasn’t!

  3. karen

    Wow!! Look at you now!!! Superb! you can be a runner – just put one foot in front of the other quickly.
    Looking forward to running with you soon …..

  4. gladbloke

    Yeah no worries Kaz, I’ll let you carry the water bottles, the Dencorub, the bottles of oxygen… 🙂

    I like your thinking too… ‘one foot in front of the other quickly’ is a great way to start running!

  5. Steve H

    Mate, after losing my weight years ago, 10k’s was a breese. I could do it in 40 minutes and not blow out a candle. Nowadays….it would be a challenge.

    Went back to jogging in 2006, usually around 5k’s in 30 minutes would see me home reasonably well puffed and recovered a short period of time….that was the key for me.

    A tip from one who hated running around an oval is find a place where you feel comfortable with and the k’s will come easily GB (waterfront, marina, country road etc).

    Keep at it my friend!
    Cheers, Steve.

  6. gladbloke

    Steve, good advice mate (as always!). I’ve been using the local school oval ‘just in case’. It’s next to a busy road, and hopefully someone will stop… it’s not as if I can rely on the dogs to rush for help is it?



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