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Home to Gladstone

Time to go home. This morning I wake early, and go for my last walk through the village.  I am the only person alive this morning.  I see a small group of guinea pigs nibbling the grass on a nearby lawn.  There is no cage, or any need for one.  The village does not allow cats or dogs within its’ borders, so these little animals, and other like them, are free to roam.  It’s another reason I like this place. 

At the creek I sit down on a rock and ‘just be’.  It is so relaxing and peaceful listening to the burbling water that I nearly fall asleeep, but I am startled out of my meditation by a middle aged bloke who is swimming upstream.  He sees me and smiles, I wave to him and he nods his head and swims off.  Nice.  Both of us are enjoying our own company too much to ruin it with meaningless conversation. 

The sun rises higher in the sky, and I stroll back to The Hermits’ place.  He’s up and about, feeding his chooks, and watering his garden.  It is such a peaceful way to start the day that I am immediately envious.  Would he like to swap with me?  Nope.  Bastard 🙂 

After a quick breakfast I shake hands with my mate, and drive off in silence.  The sound of the bush birds are loud in the cool silent air.  The country road that leads to Crystal Waters is empty, and the scenery magnificent.  The smell of the rainforest fills my car, all the windows are down and I feel so alive and relaxed that I am suddenly gripped by a sudden urge to turn around and ‘drop out’ for a couple of years back at the village. 

Harper Creek near Conondale

Harper Creek near Conondale

I fight down these feelings, and  with a small sigh, follow the road to the intersection at Conondale, and turn west.  If I have to go home, then I’ll take the long way, through the ranges and rainforest clad hills and valleys, following the languid Mary River all the way into Gympie where I’ll re-join the Bruce Highway. 

The drive is good.  There are plenty of protest signs about the proposed Traveston Dam.  It is a pity that the State Govt. wants to drown one of the prettiest areas in the South East, just to supply water to a grossly overcrowded city 200 klms away.  There’s a lot of pissed off people round here if the tone of the billboards is anything to go by. 

By mid-morning I’m back on the highway, surrounded by trucks, police cars, and Wicked Campervans.  The windows are back up, and the stereo is pumping.  Today it’s the Blues Brothers turn… Sweet Home Chicago! 

Just after lunch I arrive home.  The dog is so pleased to see me that he removes all the skin from my legs between my knees and ankles, and is squirting urine in his excitement.  I give him a couple of friendly kicks, unload the car, sling all my dirty clothes into the washing machine, check my emails, then wash and vacuum the car. 

At 3pm, I’m showered, shaved, and standing next to the front door to greet my children as they arrive home from school.  The oldest girls are pleased to see me (but pretend otherwise!), and the little one gives me a great big bear hug, the greatest gift of all 🙂   

I’m home again, and with a couple of weeks holidays left I’ve got some serious work to do.

The house needs some maintenance, and I’ve put on weight.  I feel ‘blah’, because I’ve been drinking too much.  Time to change. 

Later that night, I log onto the Craig Harper website, and note that a person called Narnie (from Sunny Mackay) has started a forum called, Want to Break a Habit.  I’m intrigued, and decide to sign up and commit myself online for the first time ever in a public forum.  

I’m inspired.  I want to get fit.  I want to stop buggering around. I want to be the best I can be…  but most of all, for some strange reason, I want to go for another drive! 

Wonder what's round the next bend...?

Wonder what's round the next bend...?

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