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Two Weeks To Go

Status:  Nervously Eager

Well, at this time in two weeks, I’ll be waking up in sunny downtown Woodgate, just south of Bundaberg, and waddling over to my bike.  It will be an added bonus if I’m actually looking forward to riding to Biggenden that day…

My ‘training’ so far has been sporadic to say the least, but I did climb one of Gladstones’ steepest hills the other day, and didn’t pass out at the top, so I reckon I’m as ready as I’ll ever be 🙂

Preparation to date:  Bought a new bike helmet.  My old one looks like it’s taken a fairly big hit from a sub-machine gun, and after trying on several helmets I stumbled across a model that didn’t squeeze my brain out of my ears, or make my eyes cross.  I bought it immediately. 

Buy a light rain coat.  Anyone who has travelled any distance with me will attest to the fact that I seem to have an almost magical ability to summon thunderstorms, monsoons, and flash floods from seemingly empty skies.  Of course, it’s all part of the fun! 

Serviced the bike.  Pretty happy with the old girl at the moment, she’s been running as smooth as silk, and I don’t know why, because her real nature is inclined towards Bitchy, and for some reason she’s been on her best behaviour.  No squeaks or rattles, no punctures, no snapping cables…  I’m getting a bit worried to tell you the truth.  In fact, even my feet have stopped going to sleep on the pedals, so the saddle is obviously in on the game as well, yep, definitely worried now! 

Bought a high vis long sleeved shirt.  I wanted two, but the shop only had one.  That’s the joy of shopping in Gladstone.  If they actually have the very thing you want, they won’t have it in sufficient quantities.  It keeps the sales folks amused watching you search desperately for everyday items that seem to have ‘just run out’, or ‘are on order’.     

Decide which tent to take.  I’ve got my old faithful, $30 special which I bought years ago, with the intention of putting it up, then setting it on fire the next day to save packing it up.  But that weekend, during the ensuing tropical downpour, Old Cheapy, was the only tent that didn’t leak in the camping area.  It goes against my nature to destroy something practical.  I’ve got the option of buying a much better tent for a great price off a workmate, but I haven’t had a chance to put it up yet.  Old Cheapy sets up in seconds, folds away in minutes, and looks like something the Beverley Hillbilly’s would be proud to own…

Things to do:  Buy a couple of canvas bags and line them with heavy duty plastic bags, so all my gear stays dry (have I mentioned that I have a history of attracting rain on my holidays?).  Try out a pair of proper bike pants.  Buy a small, quick drying towel.  And sort out exactly what other knicky knacky bits and pieces I will ‘need’ as opposed to ‘want’.   

The biggies.  Organise a lift to Bundaberg.  Get my holidays approved.  Avoid catching the flu.  And, most importantly, Don’t Worry about Stuff beyond my control.  Hey, how hard can it be?

Cheers Everybody 🙂


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