4 Weeks to Go!

Last month I signed up for the Cycle Qld 2008 ride.   It seemed like a good idea at the time.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across their site at:


when they were advertising the Miriam Vale to Mooloolabah ride, and it looked like a heap of fun.  The only trouble was, I had about 3 days to get ready for it.  So I didn’t go.

Last year the ride didn’t turn me on all that much, but this year… well this year they’ve organised a ride from Bundaberg to Brisbane.  After a bit of humming and ha-ing, I paid the money and signed up.  Now with 4 weeks to go, I’m thinking, “What the hell am I doing?”  The answer is, of course, “Going on another adventure!” 

So, it’s time to get my arse back on the bike seat and hammer out a few more klms.  Time is running out.




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3 responses to “4 Weeks to Go!

  1. Tania

    You know exactly what you are doing Gb!! You are getting out there and proving to yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to!! And along the way you will have some unforgettable experiences and meet some amazing people!! GOOD ON YOU!! Do you get people to sponsor you for charity?? If you do, let me know I am more than happy to contribute!
    I am delighted that teh blog is up and running! A hearty congratulations!!

    Cheers, Tania

  2. gladbloke

    Hey Tania, nice of you to drop in and add your positive comments: A big “Thanks” goes out from sunny Central Qld to you!

    Haven’t thought about the charity side of it. Thought I’d just see if I can survive the ride as my first priority! IF, I sign up again for next years event, I’ll give it some serious thought.



  3. GregnFaye

    G’day G2, good on you with your site here, we are pleased you have signed up for the ride after all. You really would have kicked yourself in later times if not. We will be thinking of you mate, we only get our pushies out if the wind is not blowing and today it is a bitterly cold wind. Even Elmo wanted his coat left on and the bird has had a day indoors. Poor G1 out in the wide open spaces, that he really does love being in. Open spaces as far as he can see, apart from the meatworks that is. Oh well our benefits outway our minuses mate, Hi to all the family and hope to catch you soon. Love from Us

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