Welcome to Gb’s Blog


It’s taken some time and mucking around, but I’ve finally set up a blog for those of you interested in finding out what we’re up to here in Gladstone.  Drop me a line and say “Hello” if you can work it out. 

With a bit of luck I’ll be able to post some photos… no promises though!




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6 responses to “Welcome to Gb’s Blog

  1. Hi Greg,
    Welcome to the bloggers club. Wishing you fun & fulfilling blogging.

  2. Doug Gordon

    Hey Mate,

    I seriously miss your humerous e-mails. I hope your aiming to put these in a a book of Gregs Short Stories or else just write one on life. You are full of supprises. How’s work going anyway. We must catch up, are you going to the QSafe conference.


  3. gladbloke

    Hi Leanne,

    You were my first commentor! Good for you 🙂
    So far it’s been fun, as well as a fast learning curve.



  4. gladbloke

    Hey Doug,

    The book… would you like a chapter of your own! Dunno about the conference, I think we have a team day at the same time. Lousy timing huh?

    Cheers Bigfella!


  5. Steve Hausheer

    Hello gladbloke. Good to see this happening Greg….no surprise to me as this has always been a keen interest of yours. We will catch up at some point and have a sars or two!!!

    Cheers, Steve.

  6. gladbloke

    Steve! You blew my cover man!! Now everyone knows my name… and, come to think of it, yours as well… mind you, the photos would also be a deadset give away 🙂

    Looking forward to that sars… or possibly a ginger beer.

    Cheers mate,


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